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Crazy scrapbooking, card making grandmother. New to bloging. Hoping to make this interesting to all who visit.

Saturday, September 25, 2010

New Card for RS Service Project

Borrowed this card idea from Made by Momo (with her permission, of course).  Will be teaching (can't think of a better word for what I'll be doing) a group of women from church to assemble these cards.  We are going to be making Christmas cards to send to the troops for them to give.  The tables will be set up with a number of different kits that I've put together.  There will also be lots of crafting stuff so they can add their own personalities to the card.

Saturday, September 18, 2010

Craft Room

Before we left NM, I had set up my craftroom in half of a two-car garage.  It would be safe to say that my boxes occupied a quarter of the moving van, if not more.

Now I have the master-bedroom in a three-bedroom apartment for both my living and crafting space.  While shopping at Michale's, I ran across these storage cubes that I just had to have.  I've been buying one or two cubes a month using the 40% off coupons.  This month, the cubes were 50% off, so, I induldged myself and bought a few more.

What do you think?

Sunday, September 12, 2010


This will be my first attempt at creating a blog.  Writing about anything is a blood sweating endeavor for me.  The challenge is welcomed and I pray that writing will become easier.

Most noteworthy are my family, crafting, and Cubs.  Hopefully in the coming year, I will be returning to college to complete a BS in University Studies which I started over 20 years ago.  Once that is accomplished, I plan to start traveling.

My first adventure traveling is going to be a three to six month trek of Europe by train.  Plans are being made to take some river cruises while there.  The trip will most likely start in Spain and end in Finland (looking forward to visiting  LDS temples along the way). 

As for this blog, it will also be used to share my crafting with you.  Nothing too fancy (I don't do fancy).