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Saturday, December 18, 2010

It's an Explosion in "Green"

It looks like the mojo might be coming back.  Actually, if I just stay off the laptop and away from blog hops till I complete a project, it might work just right.

A friend asked for an explosion box with lots and lots of frogs.  Was running short on time so I booked it over to Hobby Lobby and bought some pre-made cuts (La Petites) . They were soooooo cute.  Hopefully, after the holidays, I'll try to come up with my version of these cute little critters.  I actually used my Create a Critter to make the frogie for the top of the box.  Put him on a Wobble that I got from Made by Momo's blog (thank you very much Mo and AWi for the samples).  I think I'll be buying lots more of these great little wobbles. 

So bring on the pics, already!

Was on my way to deliver the box and had forgotten to take pics
so I took the shots on the front seat of my van.

The little guy in the middle/bottom of the box is
from Createology (think that's the name).

Inside of the top of the box.

This little critter is mounted on a boggle
on the top of the box.

These two critters weren't used.  But
just had to share them.

Not sure these cuts will stay on.  The Gold Glitter paper
I used was giving me fits.  Nothing would stick to it.

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